Food should be a wonderful and joyful PART of your life, but it should not be consuming all of your thoughts. The best gift we can give to clients is their health back, both physically and mentally while also giving them the gift of learning how to be present and calm in situations that involve or revolve around food. 

Imagine if you had that brain space back.

"Is this allowed?" "What will people think of me if I eat this? "Does it fit my calories, macros or points?"  "Tomorrows workout needs to be longer so I can make up for what I ate today."

If any of those phrases sound familiar to you, you are in the right place.  It does not need to be this way anymore, and there is a way to be healthy without obsessing. 

You find yourself thinking about food 24/7..

Discover a healthy relationship to food. 

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Our highest tier program that offers the most support and accountability to help you through the recovery process. This program includes 3, 45 minute zoom sessions per month, 1 optional group session per month, a custom plan, built in time to chat with other members of your care team, and the ability to chat with your dietitian between calls in a secure app. You also have the ability to add on meal support sessions as needed.

Eating Disorders

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This program is perfect for those who are looking for support to heal from years of chronic dieting and doing "everything under the sun" to shrink their bodies. It is also great for athletes who struggle to keep up with their nutrition and feel chaotic around food and proper fueling. It includes 3, 45 minute zoom sessions per month with your dietitian, a custom plan, and the ability to chat with your dietitian between calls in a secure app.   

Disordered Eating

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During this call we will dive deeper into your history, discuss your goals, and assess which program could potentially be the right fit for you!

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Every client within our practice will be entered into a protected electronic medical record database where you will complete beginning paperwork prior to your first session. 

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The first session will be 45+ minutes with your Dietitian going over your comprehensive medical history, treatment history (if applicable), specific unique needs, current eating habits and more. 

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I am the founder of laurensbalancedbites and I am an anti diet culture, weight inclusive, health promoting, food loving, Registered Dietitian! 

Nutrition became my passion back in high school after I suffered an injury from soccer. While it started out with the healthiest of intentions,  I sadly made the mistake of getting my information from all the wrong places (google and unqualified people on  social media) and became diet and exercise obsessed. I was a "clean eating", "no days off " kind of person- and let me tell you, I became miserable and unhealthy.  

Through schooling, professional support, and lots of unlearning, I healed. My mission now is to help others heal too! Nutrition is a nuanced and complex science, and your nutrition care should be coming from an expert (Registered Dietitian) and individualized to you. That is what you will find here!

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We are an evidence based nutrition practice with a focus on your health as a whole during your recovery from an eating disorder or disordered eating. Our team recognizes that healthy means different things to everyone and that true health is not found in the size or shape of your body. 

Our clients leave the work they do here feeling educated, empowered, supported, and most importantly, confident in their nutrition and their ability to maintain their new found food freedom. 

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Having worked in PHP and IOP settings we firmly believe in the power of community and connecting with individuals going through the same struggles. During this group we start out with focusing on one topic (different each month) and then move onto wins, challenges, and questions.  

The first Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm ET

Eating Disorder Recovery Support Group 

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